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I am Lala—the artist behind Lala Bijou.
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Behind the Jewelry

To tell the story of Lala Bijou, I have to introduce the man who made it all possible: my amazing husband, Gilbert. He is the one who discovered the artist in me.

Ever since I was a young girl, I was in love with drawing. When Gilbert saw some of my drawings, he was captivated by the nuances he saw in the exceptional symmetry of my drawings (his words, not mine!). Gilbert encouraged me to explore by designing jewelry in my own contemporary style.

When we are not discussing jewelry, you will find us making pancakes in dorky aprons or roaming around art galleries. One of the things I love about our relationship is we encourage and relate to each other’s creativity. During one of our many stimulating conversations, he talked about the lack of technically designed jewelry in the industry and I talked about how the quality of most has deteriorated nowadays.

That’s when it dawned on us!

We could combine our best passion and skills- my artistic and geometrical take on gorgeous jewelry and his 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry to offer a personalized and trustworthy jewelry to people like us. We were so pumped that we registered right away!

From collaborating together on personalized jewelry styles for late hours to picking diamonds by hand, we’ve poured our sweat, and hearts into launching Lala Bijou. Honestly, Lala Bijou wouldn’t have been possible with the effort of just one of us. Our combined skills and compatibility made the perfect recipe for Lala Bijou. He is the brain and I am the heart (or art!)!

The rest you see here is history!

our vision

We believe jewelry polishes your personality. At Lala Bijou, our vision is to provide jewelry that looks as good as you do. We aspire to create premium grade jewelry at affordable prices without compromising on quality. We are a family owned and run business that tailors jewelry to the other members of our family: you, our clients!

Lala Bijou hopes to ensure consistent quality, personalized trends and styles that sets us apart from the rest of the world.  We want to give you the gift of luxury with value for your money. Lala Bijou does not compromise on quality or style but will also not break the bank.

You will find us constantly launching new styles and refreshing our collection. So, stay tuned!

our team

We are proud to produce personalized jewelry with flawless craftsmanship because of our dedicated team of designers and jewelers based in L.A. All the jewelry you see on Lala Bijou is Made in Los Angeles. We are proudly made in America!

How Is Lala Bijou Different from the Others?

At Lala Bijou, we truly, madly, deeply care about the jewelry we create. We want to give you perfection and splendor with finest grade materials.
What sets Lala Bijou apart from other jewelers?

• Handcrafted

Every piece of jewelry delivered by Lala Bijou into your hands is handcrafted to an immaculate standard of perfection. It is made with love and care because you deserve no less.

• quality

We have a no-nonsense quality control policy at Lala Bijou. From design to production, shipping, and delivery, every item you receive from Lala Bijou has undergone multiple ethical and regulatory checks.  

• elegant

Jewelry that reflects your personality, our pieces at Lala Bijou define a new sense of grace. It is designed with geometry of beauty and its focused to smoothly gel well with your personality.

• precious

Each diamond is handpicked and every metal is scrutinized by Lala Bijou. We design nothing but precious jewelry that looks as exquisite as you.

• classy

When you buy at Lala Bijou, you are upgrading your personality. From classic geometric designs to keepsake styles intricately built, our jewelry is made for women with a refined sense of style.

The Lala Bijou Promise

We are a tight knit community of creative men and women with exceptional taste and vast experience in the jewelry world. When you buy at Lala Bijou, you become a part of our family.

What do you get when you purchase jewelry from Lala Bijou?

  • The finest grade jewelry with absolutely no defects. Quality is our business plan!
  • The security that your items will arrive exactly as advertised. Our word is our honor!
  • The unique gift of personalized jewelry in styles never seen before. Lala Bijou is exceptional!

We are always looking to help our clients. Contact us now to create pieces that showcase your most gorgeous you!

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